Howard Family

Howard Family
Taken in Fiji 2009

Saturday, June 11, 2011


What would we do in this house without technology? Had mum and dad down for the evening before they flew off to Australia for a Golfing holiday and this is what mum and the boys did!

Nothing like a conversation to keep the lines of communication open. Aaron has my iPhone and is on the laptop at the same time! He was skypeing Ana and Caleb in Australia.

Kalin dresses up!

One of the teachers at school has got a dress box for her class. Kalin had a great time playing in it and came home as a penguin. I think he even slept in this costume. In fact this photo is just before we were due to go to school!

Wet and Windy Monday

Thank you Queen Elizabeth for giving us a day off! While I was in the kitchen cleaning out our pantry, Mike and the boys were playing with the leggo. I think Aaron and Kalin managed to play nicely for a whole 5 minutes before the fighting started!