Howard Family

Howard Family
Taken in Fiji 2009

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

School Holidays.

Don't you just love school holidays????

Well most parents are in 2 minds about school holidays.

  1. What do we do with the kids?
  2. Who is going to look after them while we work??
  3. What can the kids do on holiday that isnt going to cost a fortune???

Me???? I think....... Holiday? What holiday????

As a teacher I love saying good bye to my class of 25.  I also think the above.  What holiday??  We teachers tend to call them "Non Contact Time!"  I spend the first week at school preparing for the next term and the second week is my time with my kids.
I guess I am lucky in that I can spend time enjoying the things the kids like to do.  BUT gosh some down time without kids is also nice.

In comes my mum and dad!  I don't know what I would do without them.

Mum and dad took the boys for the first week so that I could get all my school work done in peace.
I managed to get a bit of retail therapy in, get my nails done, spend some time with my "sistas" and have a couple of date nights with hubby.


The second week I have spent at the beach with my parents and my boys.  It was has been great.
It is Wednesday (Gosh I hope I am not going to jinx it!) and Kalin has only had 2 melt downs.  One was when I was still in Auckland and the other one was with me.  They were pretty bad.  Luckily the melt down with mum and dad was at home and there was only them and Aaron home.  The melt down with me was while we were on the beach.  All the boys friends were great.  They know about ASD so they knew just to get out of his way and to not listen to what he says.  But it was the other people on the beach who I was worried about.  I needn't have worried as they also just ignored his behaviour.
We have had some great days as well!
The weather has been a bit of a mixed bag but it hasn't stopped the kids from getting out and swimming, picnicking, mowing lawns and riding on their motor bikes.
I love the far north!!!

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