Howard Family

Howard Family
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DARN IT!!!!!

I always think after the fact!!  I should NOT have answered the phone today!!!  Got a phone call today just after 9.30am.  Didn't even think, picked it up and said "Hello"
It was the principal of Kalin's school to tell me that he was not having a good day and that I needed to pick him up.  Explained that I couldn't leave at that moment so it would have to be at 10.30.
When I got there, I found Kalin's teacher sitting on the floor, him under the table and the class in disarray!  Apparently he had lost the plot!  It was safer for the teacher to take the rest of the class out and let him go.
I was more shocked at the fact that he had said "No" to his teacher first and then to me.  He has never said "No" in a defiant manner before.
I had arranged to take him to my mother in laws as there was no way I could have him at school with me.  That was a mission!!!  Finally bribed him with (GF) fudge!
Fast forward to 5.00pm.
Home after picking Kalin up from nana's.  He was in a right state!  Crying, no sobbing!  Couldn't understand why and he couldn't tell me.  It was so sad.
Then the annoying behaviour starts.  The obnoxious yelling/screaming/noises that just pi$$ everyone off.  The hitting, then throwing things and then the kicking!  Finally managed to talk to him and calm him down - another bribe, spa with mum.
Phone rings - move into bedroom so I can hear and it is the Deputy Principal of his school informing me that as a result of the "assault on child and assault on adult an immediate stand down period of 2 days will be enforced starting tomorrow"  (ok it may not have been those exact words but thats what I heard!)
WOW, not what I was expecting!  Meanwhile the bell has rung and the boys are at it again.  Round 2!  Im still on the phone, the boys are fighting again and I see RED!  Cut my phone call short and then totally loose it!!!
I have never been so angry before.  I actually scared myself!  Ended up slamming the bedroom door and just crying, actually sobbing!!!!  I think this scared Kalin as he came into our room and started rubbing my back and telling me to "breath deeply, in through your nose, out through your mouth.  It will be alright mum!  Count to 10 ..." OMG all the things that I tell him to do when he has lost the plot!  At least I know he listens to me.
Anyway finally calmed myself down enough to tell the boys how much I love them and how sorry I was.
Roll On Holidays!!!
Hope we win lotto tonight and then I can spend time at home with both kids home schooling them!

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