Howard Family

Howard Family
Taken in Fiji 2009

Saturday, June 11, 2011


What would we do in this house without technology? Had mum and dad down for the evening before they flew off to Australia for a Golfing holiday and this is what mum and the boys did!

Nothing like a conversation to keep the lines of communication open. Aaron has my iPhone and is on the laptop at the same time! He was skypeing Ana and Caleb in Australia.

Kalin dresses up!

One of the teachers at school has got a dress box for her class. Kalin had a great time playing in it and came home as a penguin. I think he even slept in this costume. In fact this photo is just before we were due to go to school!

Wet and Windy Monday

Thank you Queen Elizabeth for giving us a day off! While I was in the kitchen cleaning out our pantry, Mike and the boys were playing with the leggo. I think Aaron and Kalin managed to play nicely for a whole 5 minutes before the fighting started!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kalin's first missing tooth

Kalin's tooth has been loose for some time but we didn't realise just how loose it was! It came out while he was eating a banana!
Hope the tooth fairy remembers!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


The other day we had a 7's rugby tournament. I had 2 teams going. It was a mad panic in the morning getting ready to leave. Tarp sorted for sitting on, lunch (enough for those boys who forgot theirs etc) warm jacket etc!
I got to school and was asking some of my boys to put this, that and the other equipment into the school van when one of my lovely boys turned around and said
"Oh Miss! Open your eyes when you get dressed mannnnn!"
hmmmmm! Needless to say I quickly jumped into my car and went home to change!
The boys were still cracking up at the end of the day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011


Mum and dad went fishing last night (Sunday) and this is what dad got!

About 22 pounds!!! Well done mummy and daddy.
And to top it off I get this one sent to me!
The view from mum and dad's conservatory. PARADISE!!
Why am I living in Auckland I wonder????

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Relay for Life

My mum and dad are such amazing people! A couple of weekends ago mum organised a team of people to compete and raise money for Cancer Society Relay for Life. A 24 hour walk-a-thon.
She was part of the Kaitaia Lion's club. Not sure how much money they raised I will update when the final count has been made.
There was awesome music played by a special friend and her band Kerfew, and another friend Kylie took some amazing photos.
Love the "Lions" in the front of the bus.

Lorriane's caravan, which looked like the place to hang out after a couple of hours walking.
The amazing team.
My amazing, wonderful parents. . .

Blog roll

On the right hand side are 2 blogs. Love to learn is Kalin's class blog and Rising Stars is my classroom blog. Check them out!

My awesome brother, niece and nephew

Riwai (my brother) and his lovely kids, Anahera and Caleb live in Australia. We get to spend time together every other year which isn't alot but we have a blast when we get together. Mum and Dad go and see the kids a couple of times a year so we always have lots of photos to share.
We love skyping when we all have some spare time in our busy lives.

I love this photo of my whanau!

Aaron's weekend on his own!

On Saturday, Tyler (our next door neighbour from a while ago) had is birthday. Kalin was going to spend the day with nana so that Aaron could go to the party on his own. Kalin ended up going to Waiheke for the night so Aaron had the whole of Saturday and Sunday with mum and dad.
The birthday party at Tyler's was great! Got to play 'the chocolate game' playstation, eat cake and do all of this without a little brother in tow.

On Sunday, he finally got to make his Star Wars ship that he got a couple of months ago.
It took a couple of hours but finally it was complete.
3 days later and it is still in one piece!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Big boy Riding on 2 Wheels

Kalin has had a two wheeler bike for a year now (thanks Sinead and Stefan and inOrganic) and has been riding the trike that his dad was riding when he was Kalin's age. We went to say farewell to Richard today and Kalin had his bike at dad's work. He was riding it up and down the drive way of Toyota when Richard yell out "Why have you got training wheels on your bike when you dont even use them?" To which Kalin replied "Take my training wheels off dad!"
So Mike took them off.
It took a couple of goes and a few tears (TUI AD! YEAH RIGHT!) but he got it!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My buggered boy!!

I am so proud of our big boy. He qualified in the school trials for the inter-school swim team! He has had to swim every day for the last 4 weeks. He even had to put up with Mrs H (mum) taking swim squad at 8.00am on a Wednesday morning. Not one complaint but lots and lots of towels to be washed after school. (Not only is Aaron swimming daily but Kalin is swimming 3x a week as well!)
The big inter-school swim carnival was today at Howick Intermediate. (SORRY Nana. I got the wrong venue!)
Aaron swam his little heart out. He tried his best in his 3 events, Free, Breast, and relay. No placing but none the less I am a very proud mum!
He got back to school this avo and came into my room a very tired boy. Not only tired but hungry! Apparently I took his lunch box out of his bag this morning. (Might make a good Tui ad. NOT)
So it was an early home time today. We got home just after 4 and he has been like this since then!

Oh what a life!

Spitting image of his dad! (less the beer in his hand) hehehe

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kalin Reading

I know it has been ages so I thought I had better upload something good.
Here is Kalin reading his homework reader.