Howard Family

Howard Family
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Its moments like these I need ....

Have had a very trying evening this evening!  Started off with Kalin coming to my school and me saying "I need to have a very serious talk to you!"  I was going to talk to him about the hitting at school and the saying NO that needed to stop but he had other ideas!
He began to tell me about what happened at lunch time.  Well . . . the email that I got from the teacher was not was I was expecting.  It sounds as though Kalin is looking for people to pick on! booooo!
Any way after this little talk came a massive meltdown.  The kicking, hitting, swearing!  Back to how he was post medication and diet!  I even had my neighbour come rushing over to help.  It was a doozie!
Finally managed to get him into the car and 5 minutes later he was back to his normal happy self!
Got home and the kids were playing outside.  Kalin wanted to go play and I said 'no not until you tidy your bedroom"  WELL melt down again.  This time I saw different aspect of his behaviour.  He purposefully started to kick me trying to make to angry.  His teacher has been saying he does this at school but this is the first time I have seen it.  He kept kicking (not hurting) and kicking until I yelled.  It took him about an hour to calm down.  During this time I got video footage of him banging his head against the wall and of him hitting himself.
Im at my wits end.  I have sent an email to his phycologist so hopefully will get a meeting with her soon.
He is staying home tomorrow.  He can stay with nana and do some gardening and some baking.

It's moments like these I need ....


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