Howard Family

Howard Family
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My buggered boy!!

I am so proud of our big boy. He qualified in the school trials for the inter-school swim team! He has had to swim every day for the last 4 weeks. He even had to put up with Mrs H (mum) taking swim squad at 8.00am on a Wednesday morning. Not one complaint but lots and lots of towels to be washed after school. (Not only is Aaron swimming daily but Kalin is swimming 3x a week as well!)
The big inter-school swim carnival was today at Howick Intermediate. (SORRY Nana. I got the wrong venue!)
Aaron swam his little heart out. He tried his best in his 3 events, Free, Breast, and relay. No placing but none the less I am a very proud mum!
He got back to school this avo and came into my room a very tired boy. Not only tired but hungry! Apparently I took his lunch box out of his bag this morning. (Might make a good Tui ad. NOT)
So it was an early home time today. We got home just after 4 and he has been like this since then!

Oh what a life!

Spitting image of his dad! (less the beer in his hand) hehehe


  1. Aaron you are a star working so hard to represent the school. You deserve a rest. I hope you had a nice afternoon tea.

  2. A very proud mum Lis. Great effort Aaron. Keep up the swimming and you'll thrash 'em all next year.