Howard Family

Howard Family
Taken in Fiji 2009

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aaron's weekend on his own!

On Saturday, Tyler (our next door neighbour from a while ago) had is birthday. Kalin was going to spend the day with nana so that Aaron could go to the party on his own. Kalin ended up going to Waiheke for the night so Aaron had the whole of Saturday and Sunday with mum and dad.
The birthday party at Tyler's was great! Got to play 'the chocolate game' playstation, eat cake and do all of this without a little brother in tow.

On Sunday, he finally got to make his Star Wars ship that he got a couple of months ago.
It took a couple of hours but finally it was complete.
3 days later and it is still in one piece!

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  1. So clever. My kids have a huge box of broken plastic bits of lego. Funny how kids love having "only" child" time with the grans.