Howard Family

Howard Family
Taken in Fiji 2009

Friday, March 18, 2011

Big boy Riding on 2 Wheels

Kalin has had a two wheeler bike for a year now (thanks Sinead and Stefan and inOrganic) and has been riding the trike that his dad was riding when he was Kalin's age. We went to say farewell to Richard today and Kalin had his bike at dad's work. He was riding it up and down the drive way of Toyota when Richard yell out "Why have you got training wheels on your bike when you dont even use them?" To which Kalin replied "Take my training wheels off dad!"
So Mike took them off.
It took a couple of goes and a few tears (TUI AD! YEAH RIGHT!) but he got it!


  1. Congratulations Kalin! You area a BIG boy now!

  2. Way to go little man!!! look out mum and dad it wil be "L" plates before you know it.